Capabilities and Services

Legal Support

Forensic Data Collection and Analysis
Historical Research
Industry Practices and Standards Documentation
Photo Interpretation
Deposition Assistance
Witness Identification
Expert Witness Testimony
Statistical and Trend Analyses
Cost Allocation Evaluation
Regulatory Compliance Assessment


Environmental Assessments

Due Diligence
Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
Supplemental Soil/Groundwater Investigations
Vapor Intrusion Assessments/Indoor Air Quality Evaluations
Risk Assessments
Waste Profiling and Disposal


Investigation and Remediation Services

Conducting Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies
under CERCLA protocols
Groundwater Monitoring & Sampling
Wastewater Treatment & Discharge
Soil & Water Treatment
Remediation System Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring and
Permitting and Utility Clearance


Water, Flood Control, Irrigation, Reclamation & Resource Conservation Districts

RWQCB & Local Agency Permitting & Compliance
Water Quality Monitoring & Analysis
Wetlands Evaluation
Aquifer Restoration


Environmental Compliance

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Planning (SPCC)
Hazardous Material Management Plan
RCRA and Hazardous Waste
Environmental Permitting
Water Resource Evaluation
Well Site Selection and Design
Pumping Tests and Sizing
Wellhead Protection Analysis
Water Rights Support


Agriculture, CAFO’s and Food Processing Operations

Regulatory Compliance Issues
Waste Discharge Requirement Monitoring & Reporting
Waste & Nutrient Management Plans
Groundwater Monitoring Plans
Record Keeping & Annual Reports
Water Resource Evaluation
Well Site Selection and Design
Pumping Tests and Sizing